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No celebration is complete without delicious sweet, this fresh and very tasty Barfi will make your happiness a memorable one. Send this special sweet as a gift to your family and friend in Pakistan...
A beauitful gift box containing an assortment of fresh Mix Mithai 2 Kg from Pearl Continental Hotel...
Your sweet lover friend or relative will be extremely delighted to receive this gift. This one qualifies to be on the favorite list given its mouth watering taste and richness. Pista roll are available online for making a special one’s day sweeter like the Pista roll sweets itself. They are availabl..
Rasgulla is a syrupy Pakistani and Indian dessert with ball shaped dumplings made with cottage cheese which are served dipped in sugar syrup. Rasgulla Ingredients: Sugar, water, cottage cheese solids, vegetable oil, wheat flour, & rose water. It is delicious. You must try it!. Exclusive gift of..
Balushahi is a one of the famous sweet in Pakistan & India and its deep-fried in oil and dunked in thick sugar syrup in order that there is a sugar coating. They are very sweet, but tasty with a slightly flaky texture...
A beautiful gift your loved ones that includes a 2kg box of Chocolate barfi sourced from the premium mithai shops ...
Bring the brightest smiles on the faces of your friends and family by surprising them with 1 Dozen Mix Donuts from Dunkin Donuts in Pakistan...
Gulab jamun or Gulaab jamun, is a milk-solids-based sweet mithai, popular in countries of Pakistan and India.It is made mainly from milk solids, traditionally from freshly curdled milk. It is often garnished with dried nuts like almonds to enhance flavor. Gulab jamun is a dessert often eaten at fest..
Habshi Halwa is designed for Milk, nuts and roasted wheat are mixed to create a masterpice. A rich, dark and luxurious dessert made from an numerous combination of sugar, milk, wheat, desi ghee and loads of chopped almonds, pistachios and cashews, baked slowly and carefully yeilding a deliciously r..
Jalebis or Jilebi, this round spiral shaped Pakistani Traditional Sweet. It is made by deep-frying a wheat flour (maida flour) batter in pretzel or circular shapes, which are then soaked in sugar syrup. They are particularly popular in Pakistani & Indian during wedding day and Annual Uras Mubara..
Send these amazing sweets to your sweet loved ones to show them your love and compassion!Mithai is a yummy sweet loved by everyone. It's the perfect gift to make your loved ones smile on their occasion.Surprise your loved ones on their special days with the offered 2 Kg Kalakand on all occ..
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Malai Cham Cham is a popular Bengali Mithai and most loved Pakistan sweets, relished on every occasion and even without occasion. 1 KG Malai cham cham is ideal for gifting to your loved ones on all occasions...
Order traditional sweets and enjoy the delicacy of delicious taste and happiness in your life. Mix Mithai is Traditional sweets have a huge fanfare in Pakistan. Found in various shapes and sizes, it offers the fresh trip down the memory lane with the soft touch of the tradition and delicious fl..
send online 2kg Mix Mithai from Marriott Hotel with our same day delivery in Karachi, Pakistan...
Buy sweets online 5 Kg Mix Mithai Tokra as such Gulaab Jaman, Cham Cham, Laddu, Barfi, Qalaqand and many more to double the pleasure of every special occasion. Sweets are an important part of the Pakistan culture. Anything auspicious in Pakistan is always celebrated with sweet. Whether it is th..
Our Motichur Ladoo is a well known product which can be trusted for its genuine and delicious taste. Motichoor Ladoo is often served in occasions like marriages, festivals. You can celebrate any-day as a special celebration day with this motichur ladoo of 1 kg. it is prepared with pure ingredients ..
Rabri Kheer is a Dessert, made with combination of milk, rice, sugar and rabri. Dry nuts also use in Rabri Kheer recipe for a nutty taste. In next dinner entertain your family with this kheer...
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Pakistani Mithai Online

Pakistan is famous for its rich heritage of sweets. As per tradition, sweets are the essential component of an occasion. We at offers all sorts of fresh mithai that would leave you licking your fingers. We guarantee the freshness and quality of the mithai as it is our priority to ensure the happiness and satisfaction of our customers. You can add life to any occasion with just one click and deliver our delicious sweets anywhere in Pakistan.We offer to give rasgullas, jalebis, barfis, gulaab jamuns,rabri, chamchams, kheer, and a much more to be cherished by your loved ones. Considering the time-honored tradition provides you with chances of sending many types of mithai on different occasions.

As it is the wedding season, it would not be wrong to discuss the immense importance of mithai especially the laddoo as they are the main constituent of this occasion, they participate in sweetening your day with their ancient and unique taste. Furthermore, they create a special color in the atmosphere and unite everyone with their uniquely sweet scent. Following the trend, here at we also offer the popular, beautifully covered and decorated mix mithai baskets for the brides’ and grooms’ families.

When discussing mithai, how can we forget the barfi? The white burfi made of sweetened milk has just the right sweetness - neither too much, nor too less! It is perfect for all occasions. Surprise your loved ones with the elegance of this sweet and make their day special.

The forever famous gulaab jamuns can be just the right choice to cheer up a sad friend. The syrupy gulaab jamuns tantalize your taste buds without even realizing. They can be served at any formal or informal occasion. They are even savored on normal days.

Can’t decide which mithai to buy? Have a big family and everyone has different favorites? We would love to help! Try the delicious mix mithai from two different well-known hotels i.e Marriott and Pearl Continental. No compromise required and the satisfaction of all members would be achieved.

The well-known rabri kheer is the best choice for all sorts of occasions. It is a delicate delight to be served and enjoyed after family dinners. It can add life to the dullness of occasions.

Why lack of when you have modern friends who don’t savor mithai? Surprise them with 1 dozen of the best donuts from Dunkin Donuts and watch their faces brighten up. Syrupy jalebis add life to dull evenings. Surprise your loved ones with our fresh honeyed jalebis and watch their eyes spark. Habshi Halwa has a history of its own. It is the favorite of many due to its uniquely different and sweet taste. Amaze your friends and family with our fresh tasteful Halwa to make their day.

We are proud to have the support of some of the leading sweet makers from some of the most famous names such as Marriott hotel, Pearl Continental hotel, Dunkin Donuts, etc., as our items include some of their high quality, delicious products.

There are a various well-known Pakistani traditional sweets, without a celebration is just incomplete. We have a full variety of delightful tasting and delicious Pakistan Style mithai likes of Gulab Jamuns, Ladoo, Chum Chum, Motichoor Ladoo, Besan Ladoo, Halwa and a lot more for your loved ones in Pakistan. Pakistani sweets are mostly milk and sugar based. Send mithai to Pakistan is composed of every occasion like Eid Day,  Mother's Day, Wedding Day mithai shop in Pakistan.

Looking To Send Sweets and Mithai online?

If you are looking for something different, visit our online shop to check the special gift ideas. Every Pakistani likes to enjoy sweets and Mithais. You can also buy chocolates online like Ferrero Rocher, Dairy Milk, Kit Kat and more. You can check out our flowers with sweets online combo packages too. You can take sweets online shopping without going anywhere from our website for the celebration of your Birthday, Anniversary, Special party or any other festival. With our online sweets delivery services in Pakistan you can order to deliver your sweet gifts to Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Hyderabad city too. So, buy sweets and chocolates online and make your celebrations also sweeter!